Die Happy - Cherry Girl

her smile is bright like the universe
she makes everybody happy
the blue sky is inspired by her eyes

she's got a beautiful face
and it's a beautiful day
when she walks around
but she never comes by
she got someone
who doesen´t like to share

she knows her love is
much stronger than fear
and the hope that she keeps
makes her courage disapper

she's a cherry girl
he calls her cherry girl
she knows she means the
world to his heart

everytime she wants to go away
he paints 1000 cherries in her face
he's so happy when she´s there

step back gotta get some air again
dancing pirouettes in her kitchen
pushed by two invisible hands
too fast

seems like she never stops
always turning around
'till she's dizzy and aching
she falls to the ground
the two hands become more visible each day

he helps her up when she falls down
he says he´s sorry for what he´s done
he swears the biggest love on earth
he'll always be there for her

she´s dancing faster everyday she cannot go, she cannot stay with all the cherries in her face

8.4.07 19:40

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